Fascinating Facts About Poker That Will Blow Your Mind


Both online, as well as a land-based poker game, has become very popular worldwide. Poker is the game of cards and that’s the main reason for its popularity. The interesting game rules and interface are liked by most of the people and people prefer it playing in their leisure time. Poker is been played for several years, but still, there are several facts that many people are unaware of! Let us discuss those ravishing facts and improve your knowledge regarding the game of poker.

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Poker was introduced in the United States Of America

In case the name Texas Hold em’ hadn’t effectively given it off, we are here to reveal to you that the origination of poker was in America, particularly, New Orleans. Cocktails and Jazz Music also originated here only. It is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to follow down the definite area of where the director of the poker was played, however, gibbons certify that the game of poker was drafted and created in the Louisiana region.

The early forms of Poker were trifled with just 20 cards

The poker we have come to know and venerate today is played with a full deck of 52 cards. Nevertheless, in its initial days, it was possible to play the game among four players and with just a deck of 20 cards.

Previously, it was not at all complex to play poker. Five cards were dealt with by four players and the wagering would start on who had the best hand. Gibbons state that 52 deck card was first coordinated all in all into up till the game as from the year 1834.

Poker is the most remunerative game on the planet

We as whole expertise much footballers, NBA players and golfers can make, however, what isn’t too known is a chance that you take a gander at the main five greatest prizes granted in super high roller competitions the total of these bounties about $44,202,738 which makes poker a popular game.

Poker Evolution

Poker is accepted to have developed from Dominoes and positioned card mixes. It returned in 969 A.D. that Emperor Mu-Tsung is said to have played domino cards with his better half. What is more intriguing about the game is that bluffing still continues to be an integral part of the game of poker.


These were some of the fascinating facts about poker. You can download application (download aplikasi) from the play store and start playing your most preferred game.